Constante’s Compromise

My very first sugar free craft cocktail, I greatly hope this spin off of a classic daiquiri would make the late Constante proud.

2 ounces aged white rum
.75 ounces xylitol gomme syrup*
.75 ounces citric acid solution**

Shake all ingredients vigorously and double strain slowly into a coupe. Express a large lime peels oil over the drink and rub the peel along the outside rim, then discard. Garnish with a lime square on a pick. Supposed to be a lime wheel…but this is a compromise, after all.

*Xylitol Gomme Syrup - Place distilled water in a pot and heat until just simmering. Turn off heat and add equal measured parts xylitol crystal to the water, whisking vigorously until completely dissolved. Place hot syrup into a blender and turn on to create a vortex. Very slowly add 1 tablespoon of gum arabic for every 1/2 cup (4oz) of liquid and blend until smooth. Allow to rest until room temperature. Skim and bottle, storing in a cool, dark place but not in fridge.

**Citric Acid Solution - 2 grams of citric acid powder per ounce of distilled water. Stir until dissolved and bottle. Store in fridge or a cool, dark place.